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J6 Hearing This Afternoon!

The fifth hearing is on at 1pm. The committee pushed it back by an hour.

It will feature brand new evidence by a British documentarian who was following the Trump family for six weeks from end of election to J6 (and after?).

The White House had no idea they were there FILMING and INTERVIEWING the Trump family. This is BRAND NEW EVIDENCE that popped up just this week.

This will be the last hearing of June. In 2 weeks more hearings will air as the committee has been INUDATED with evidence from people watching the hearings.

No joke.

So bring popcorn because who knows what is going to happen today and the weeks to come as the Republican Party is dealing with the fallout from the hearings and polls show an 8 point INCREASE of Americans who think not only is Trump criminally liable for J6 but he should be prosecuted for it.

My computer is acting up so no deep dives into Tuesday's ratings since I want to get this out to you.

P.S. This is what our ad in the football program for the booster is going to look like. I am contacting the 2 candidates I lack pictures on. So if I get them that will be the only difference if this is the approved ad.

UNLESS, y'all have comments, suggestions, or even your own ad to replace it. Seriously, you think you can design a better one, do it, and we can vote on it.

Our next meeting is July 5th and the deadline for the ad is August 1st so you have until July 5th to bring me a different ad or suggest how to the tweak this one.

P.P.S. We are running out of time on Dobbs. No idea how this goes. The Theocratic court has been racking up human damage. They ruled that not even the possibility of being innocent will stop an execution. They are outright allowing the state to murder people wrongfully convicted of a crime.

Let's pray that the right to privacy will stand. I know Roe will fall, but how it falls will either save dozen of rights or put it all on the chopping block.

And let's pray we keep the Senate so McConnell and the rest of the forced birthers don't do an outright federal ban.


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