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Found this today:

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2023 is really showing how bonkers the Trumplicans are and the dangers they are to American Democracy and our economy.

Which is why this website and our Democratic Party and Club in Calhoun County is more needed than ever before.

In addition to tweaking our Democratic Groups, Representative Outreach, Our Representatives, etc there will also be several new sections added.

2022 Election Data is in process of being updated with comparisons for Early Voting vs Total Votes for Nation, Calhoun County, Texas, CD-27, SD-18, HD-43, Battleground Governor, Battleground Senate. (there is still more to tally in the final votes because Texas as of January hadn't officiated the numbers on my sources *shrugs in confusion*)

New Section: Past Elections

Holds the information for the 2022 candidates and other past election data.

New Section: Current Elections

It will be listed by year since 2023 is an election year as is 2024 and we are already getting announcements of 2024 campaigns starting. Not just the presidential.

New Section: Banned Books

It is a list of all banned books not just in Texas. It will also mention if the books are locally banned and most importantly WHERE you can find copies of the book locally and online. To purchase and to check out via online libraries or archives. It will also mention WHY the book was banned if it was listed.

This project will take some time to set up because last I checked in 2021 just in Texas there was a list to ban nearly 500 books and that was before DeSantis went full fascist book burner and other Trumplicans in government have followed.

This will be an ongoing project considering how the College Board AP African-American History course was completely watered down. The list of book authors excluded from the list will be added to the banned book list.

Might also include a section on internationally banned books. Just for a comparison so people can realize how fascist these book bans are.

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Precinct 1 - Port Lavaca Library

Biblioteca del Condado Calhoun

200 W. Mahan

Port Lavaca, TX 77979

Precinct 2 - Bauer Exhibit Building

Edificio de exposiciones de Bauer

186 Henry Barber Way

Port Lavaca, TX 77979

Precinct 3 - Magnolia VFD

Departamento de bomberos Magnoilia Beach

873 Margie Tewmey Rd.

Port Lavaca, TX 77979

Precinct 4 - Calhoun County Annex

Anexo del Condado Calhoun

201 W. Austin St.

Port Lavaca, TX 77979

Precinct 5 - Six Mile VFD

Bomberos de Seis Millas

34 Royal Rd

Port Lavaca, TX 77979

Precinct 6 - Port Lavaca City Hall

Ayuntamiento de Port Lavaca

202 N. Virginia St.

Port Lavaca, TX 77979

Precinct 7 - Bauer Community Center

Centro comunitario Bauer

2300 N. Hwy 35

Port Lavaca, TX 77979

Precinct 8 - Olivia VFD

Estacion de bomberos Olivia

61 Co. Rd. 318

Olivia, TX 77978

Precinct 9 - Calhoun County EMS

Servicio Medicos de Emercencia

705 Henry Barber Way

Port Lavaca, TX 77979

Precinct 10 - Seadrift City Hall

Ayuntamiento de Seadrift

501 S. Main St.

Seadrift, TX 77983

Precinct 11 - Port O'Connor Library

Biblioteca de Port O'Connor

506 W. Main

Port O’Connor, TX 77982

2022 General Election Data

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