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Start Fighting Back


November 8, 2022 is going to be the most consequential election of our lives. 

We need to not only hold the House and Senate but expand our seats there and across the nation's state legislatures and State offices such as Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State and so forth.

For Texas that means voting for these Democrats.

For everyone else, try googling your state candidates and see who is running for office and what they stand for.

The number one thing that every campaign and County Democratic Party needs is $ and volunteers. If you want to get active, reach out to your local candidates, your local Democratic party, and ask how you can help. Which will most likely be phone banking and canvassing registered voters to persuade them to vote for Democrats.

But you can also volunteer for other organizations.

Supermajority is the organization set up by Cecile Richards who used to be the President of Planned Parenthood and is the daughter of Texas' own Ann Richards. They are doing weekly text banking and phone banking in select states to specifically target areas in which Democrats are vulnerable or can flip. Such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc. Volunteer here.

Mobilize is filed with organizations text banking, phone banking, in-person canvassing, training, education, & community.

If you want to donate to groups to fund reproductive justice candidates you can check out:

If you want to donate to help those who need abortions you can check out: (pilots flying patients for care for free)


Texas Equal Access Fund

Lilith Fund

Fund Texas Choice

Clinic Abortion Support Network

West Fund Texas

La Frontera Fund

The Afiya Center

Buckle Bunnies Fund Texas

Whole Woman’s Health Stigma Relief Fund

All at once!


Via this google doc:

  • Give to independent clinics, who are not affiliated with Planned Parenthood, but provide 6 in 10 abortions in the U.S., including all abortion care later in pregnancy. Many clinics are struggling to stay open, to relocate, to support their staff and their patients. In states where abortion has been immediately banned, many are working to help scheduled patients travel, here’s one in Alabama.

Share good, accurate information so abortion seekers can obtain care:

  • helps abortion seekers find a verified abortion provider and resources

  • helps abortion seekers find a verified abortion provider and resources

  • covers bail and funds strong defenses for people who are unjustly targeted by police or prosecutors for self-managing their abortion outside of a clinical setting

  • has information for accessing and using abortion pills

  • the r/abortion Reddit is moderated by folks who share good information about accessing care and finding support

  • Share This: a cool guide @alisonturkos made with more ideas, options and info

  • Offer to Volunteer at a PSO, Fund, or your local clinic: Recently, someone I am close to volunteered to help a stranger from Texas traveling hundreds of miles away for care. They desperately needed someone local to check them in and out of a clinic. They were traveling alone and the clinic required a companion. It amounted to driving across town twice, not a big lift, but it meant that person could get the care they needed–it was potentially life-changing.


You'll note that none of our recommendations include giving to well-funded orgs like Planned Parenthood, starting your own thing when these networks exist, fighting with people on the internet, or marching. Our informed advice is to prioritize mutual aid through local organizations.



Sure, But Then What?:


You may be wondering what we can do to fix all of this? Surely somebody has a plan!


There's not much that can be done in the short-term other than helping people get care. There is no immediate political or legal solution due to the composure of the court, the makeup of the Senate, and GOP control of state governments. This will be our reality for a while.


The best we can do is really engage in state-level efforts, where abortion will be regulated (banned or protected): support the election of good state representatives, local prosecutors and judges who don't want to criminalize abortion care or pregnancy outcomes. Support efforts to protect voting rights, trans rights, and to create alternatives to policing and punishment. Encourage prosecutors not to go after pregnant people.


To be clear, there is something to do in every state and not enough people doing it.


And finally, don't despair.

Get mad, get engaged, get organized, but focus on constructive actions.

In the words of the PIC abolitionist, Mariame Kaba:


"Let this radicalize you rather than lead you to despair."


If ever we need to have each other's backs, it's now.

Via this google doc:

You’re reading this because you’ve seen the Dobbs V Jackson Women’s Health Organization SCOTUS decision that was recently handed down and you’re asking yourself the question “what can I do to support abortion access?”


Please remember this isn't the time to move with urgency, it's the time to take a beat, take a deep breath, and listen to the folks on the ground. Listen to people who have been doing this work for years, for decades. You don’t need to start your own, or new, efforts. There are extraordinary folks who have been setting up the infrastructure, preparing for this, and doing this work non-stop. Black and Brown folks have been leading Reproductive Justice efforts for decades, listen to them. Give them your money. Invest in their leadership. They are the experts




  1. If you’re looking to learn more about self-managing, abortion with pills, or to make an appt at a clinic

  2. If you’re looking to give money

  3. If you’re looking to talk about abortion

  4. If you’re looking to share on social about abortion

  5. If you’re wondering how to speak to kids in your life about what’s happening

  6. If you’re looking to do something politically

  7. If you’re looking for background information about the state of abortion access

  8. If you’re wanting to buy abortion merch

  9. If you’re a business leader looking to take action

  10. If you're wanting to get out in the streets for abortion access


If you’re looking to learn more about self-managing, abortion with pills, or to make an appt at a clinic

  • Download the signal app and move all conversations there. Remember that we live in a highly surveilled state.

  • Plan C is also an incredible resource

  • If you’re looking to make an appt at a clinic go to for everything



If you’re looking to give money:

  • *Remember to give locally. Now is not the time to support Planned Parenthood, NARAL, The ACLU, or The Center for Reproductive Rights*

  • These orgs have long-standing foundation funding, they have major grants, and access to donors that small abortion funds, independent clinics, and many state-based orgs DO NOT.

  • Now is the time to invest locally in abortion funds. Funding abortion builds power. Funding abortion is a radical act of empathy. Here is a great list from @helmsinki

  • Here’s a great thread from Alison Dreith re practical support funds and the folks who work SO HARD to get abortion patients to their appointments

  • Even better, and if you have the capacity! Start a monthly recurring donation to your local abortion fund. Sustaining contributions and support are vital, especially during times like this. $5 a month goes a long way!

  • The Red River Women's Clinic of Fargo, North Dakota, is readying a move to a new location in Moorhead, Minnesota because of the SCOTUS decision. Red River has been North Dakota’s ONLY abortion clinic for 20yrs. Give them a few bucks to ensure folks in the area are able to access abortion care.

  • Give to state-based orgs led by Black, Brown, and Indigenous folks. These leaders have been investing in this long-term fight, and will continue to be leading for years to come:

If you’re looking to talk about abortion:

  • Say the word abortion. Don’t say “a woman’s right to choose”, “choice” or any of the other euphemisms. Say abortion. Talking about abortion reduces abortion stigma.

  • Talk to your community about abortion. Talk to your barista, your mail carrier, the people you’re having sex with, your best friend, the other parents at drop-off, your kids, your roommates, and the folks in your book club. The next time you meet up with friends for a beer, a meal, or a playdate that’s a perfect time to talk about abortion! If you’re at a birthday party that’s a perfect time to talk about abortion! Talk to your employer about abortion. Does your employer-sponsored health insurance cover abortion? Does it cover IVF? Egg freezing? Talk about abortion with your family. Remember that everyone loves someone who has had an abortion. Say the word abortion. Open yourself up to these conversations, I promise your community will thank you, and you’ll be glad you did.

  • No talk about coat hangers or handmaids, nothing about “going back”, nothing about abortions being “unsafe”, always use gender-inclusive language, and remember that everyone loves someone who has had an abortion.

  • When talking about abortion use and reference the Let's Talk About Abortion Toolkit from Avow Texas. This will provide you with helpful information, messaging, and do’s and don’ts.

  • If this news inspires you to share your abortion story, we are ready to meet you with love and support. You can quote tweet this, and share why you’re grateful for your abortion. You can also share your abortion story with the amazing organization We Testify

  • If you’re a reporter or know any reporters, here are great Do’s and Don’ts from the Liberate Abortion Campaign

  • Watch and share this video from We Testify and Super Majority


If you’re looking to share on social about abortion:

  • Here are some great accounts that you can easily repost and retweet.

  • Again, please only share messages that are grounded in love, justice, and freedom. No coat hanger or handmaid imagery, nothing about “going back”, nothing about abortions being “unsafe”, use gender-inclusive language, and remember that everyone loves someone who has had an abortion.

  • Lift up the voices of people who have had abortions, Black and Brown folks, folks who have been doing this work for decades within the Reproductive Justice movement.



If you’re wondering how to speak to kids in your life about what’s happening:

  • Children in your life will pick up that you’re upset, angry, frustrated, and sad. Talk to them about what’s going on. Ground your conversation in love

  • Abortion is always grounded in love, freedom, and justice. It’s a decision you make for your family. It’s the least selfish thing anyone will ever do. Everyone loves someone who has had an abortion, so it’s vital that we always use language and messaging that’s loving when we talk about it. Your child may grow up and have an abortion and we want them to know you’re always a safe space to return to and talk about it if they need.

  • Often we as adults see how politicized things are in our world and then we complicate them for kids. Abortion isn’t complicated, abortion is about helping people build their families when they’re ready, it’s about helping someone determine if, when, and how to become a parent on their own terms. Abortion is beautiful.

If you’re looking to do something politically or locally:

  • Call your state legislator and demand they protect abortion at any time, for any reason in your state. Check out SiX Repro

  • Connect with your local abortion fund, abortion clinic, or abortion doula group to offer practical support (clinic escorting, providing transportation for patients, providing childcare, providing a safe space to stay)

  • Remember that these orgs are going to be overrun with volunteers now so be patient.


If you’re looking for background information about the state of abortion access:


If you’re wanting to buy abortion merch & swag:

  • Also, check your local abortion fund for amazing swag!



If you’re a business leader looking to take action

  • Head to and remember that living and operationalizing your values isn’t difficult. Remember that your insurance needs to cover abortion, IVF, egg freezing, and paid parental leave

  • You can see if your company has made a comment publicly here

  • And if they haven’t then push them to say they support abortion access publicly


If you’re wanting to get out in the streets for abortion access

  • Google it! The internet can be magic and probably has all the answers for you. Also, follow your local abortion fund on social and they’ll most likely be posting


General Information:

Do not despair. We can and will fight back. If you want digital security to go camping or help someone camp click here.

Texas Democrats have outlined specific ways we will return the bodily rights of Texan women to them once we win in November:

  • Repeal HB 1280, the “Trigger Law” passed in the 87th Legislative Session

  • Repeal SB 8 (six-week abortion ban)

  • Repeal SB 4 (ban on medication abortion after 7 weeks and the prohibition on telemedicine used to acquire it)

  • Repeal SB 22 (86R, bars Texas governments from contracting with abortion providers or their affiliates)

  • Repeal existing TRAP laws that did not get overturned after Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt

  • Repeal the mandatory 24-hour waiting period before an abortion

  • Repeal the required sonogram and medically inaccurate counseling before an abortion

  • Require health insurers to offer abortion coverage

  • Improve access to contraception, especially in contraception deserts

  • Pass legislation allowing any medical provider back into Medicaid, including any that are affiliated with an abortion provider

  • Pass legislation to redirect funding from the Alternatives to Abortion program to reproductive health care programs that actually provide health care services

The bottom line is this:

Abortions will not end. Girls, women, and those with uteruses will die because of the bans. We are not giving up.

Let Dobbs and the forced-birthers crowing their joy at the ruination of millions of living humans fuel your rage so deep and so raw that we change history and pick up seats up and down the ballot in Texas and across the nation to undo this.

  • We will not only codify Roe we will make a law better than Roe and it will be Federal.

  • We will undo Hyde.

  • We will start to fix everything that the Christofascists have been breaking since Reagan. 

  • We will expand the court.

  • We will codify Equal Rights Amendment.

  • We will codify Lawrence & Obergefell. 

Do not despair. If Latin America can get abortion rights then we can regain our rights!

Get mad, get engaged, get organized, get focused, get radicalized!

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