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EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s going to be an army’: Tapes reveal GOP plan to contest elections via @politico


1. Election law experts: “unprecedented” effort to place many election deniers in authority positions.

Recordings of GOP operatives reveal an ambitious, multi-year strategy to challenge & potentially overturn votes in key states, inc. placing trained recruits as poll workers and keeping them in close contact with party attorneys.

2. RNC recruiting, placing & training (w workshops) how to contest votes. Includes “hotline” and “website” to be in real-time contact with party lawyers. (this is distinct from 'poll challengers')

3. Creates potential for chaos in Democratic precincts (in 2020 they were untrained volunteer challengers with little power) and pretext for failing to certify results, allowing GOP legislatures to step in.

4. Activists associated w the 2020 attempt to overturn the election ..

(Amistad Project, which Giuliani described as a ‘partner’) speak of attempts to involve law enforcement & create network of friendly district attorneys.

5. RNC says it’s an effort to obtain more “equal” representation among poll workers, mostly Democrats in cities like Detroit.

6. Main targets identified: Heavily Democratic precincts like Detroit, which are majority minority.

7. Law experts: Reveals breadth Bannon’s “the precinct strategy.”

8. DNC says it has never trained poll workers and certainly not to contest votes.


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Been busy working on getting speakers for the Environmental Forum so I forgot about working on and sending out a newsletter over what's coming up.

  • Friday is Friday the 13th, and considering how the month has been going we best all be careful. lol

  • Saturday is a MAJOR Day of Action for abortion protests, voter registration drives and so forth. Bans Off Our Bodies Rallies

  • Sunday is the 3rd Sunday of May so the Boujee On The Bay Market will be at the train depot in Port Lavaca 11am to 3pm. It's fun, I bought some jam, food, and a candle last month.

  • Monday is the first day of early voting for the May 24th Primary Runoff. Monday May 16-Friday May 20th 8am to 5pm at the Courthouse.

  • Thomas Ray Garcia who was a primary candidate for State Board of Education District 2 has endorsed his former opponent Pete Garcia. This was done on March 3 but I only recently found it out.

Mobilize link to schedule and get reminders about our monthly meetings and other events.

Private FB Group for Democrats in Calhoun County to chit chat. Please post here. Memes are welcome.

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