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Articles on Abortion part 1

Since the fall of Roe I have been collecting articles on abortion hoping to put it under the Abortion section on the website but I keep collecting articles so I decided to post them to the blog and link back to them.

Articles on Abortion

Privacy groups warn about data-tracking if Roe is overturned - NBC News May 11, 2022 By Louise Matsakis

Guess What? HIPAA Isn’t a Medical Privacy Law - Consumer Reports By Thomas Germain June 13, 2022

Abortion Bans Will Impact Doctors’ Treatment of Cancer, Miscarriage Robert Langreth and Ike Swetlitz June 24, 2022

What Does the Overturn of Roe v. Wade Mean for You? - Consumer Reports By Lisa L. Gill June 24, 2022

Where Were You the Day ‘Roe’ Died? - Rewire News Group June 25, 2022

- Vox June 30, 2022

A Hard Right Turn - Steady June 30, 2022

Elie Mystal on what Biden can do (video clips) July 7, 2022

Do not despair. If Latin America can get abortion rights then we can regain our rights!

Get trained, get organized; go on and find like minded people who are ready to get shit done!

Articles on Abortion part 2


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