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Beto Drive for Texas -Victoria

Beto came to Victoria at Club Westerner and I recorded it.

Look at how packed the lots are and it was 30 minutes before the event started!

When I walked it was already starting to get packed.

Can you spot Woodrow the Victoria County Chair?


Getting more packed!

And more.

That table on the right is to register people to vote.


Josh Tutt was here! He aimed to talk to everyone and hand them his card as they were leaving.

This is Woodrow the Victoria County Chair.

Look at that long line to get a Selfie with Beto! I'm at the end. lol

Finally close to my turn.

I was no longer the caboose but there is Josh making his rounds and talking to everyone.

Introduced myself to Beto and handed over my cards. He says he wants to come to Calhoun so fingers crossed that before November he will hold an event here.

If you want my shirt order it from Mike Collier's store here. I had so many compliments about my shirt.

Three hours after I arrived I leave.


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