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Calhoun County Fair info

The Parade will be on Saturday October 1st at 10am:

Our goal since 2018 has been to have a float in the parade and we WILL have one! Nothing fancy. We are going to have our big signs featuring our candidates on a trailer.

But hey we will be in the parade!!!!

All current elected and candidate Democrats are welcome to join us!

Here is the form for those who are interested in doing their own float. Deadline to apply is Friday September 23rd.

Educational Exhibit building rules!


Displays are allowed by any Calhoun County individual or group. They may request and decorate as many entries in this department as they wish.

Display area will be assigned by superintendents and will be labeled for exhibitor upon their arrival to set up booth.

Set Up

Set up can be done on Saturday, October 8, 2022 from noon to 5 p.m. and on Sunday, October 9, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If special arrangements need to be made, please call Schelly, at 214-517-5451.

Display areas may have tabletops and backboards decorated. Skirting and banners are allowed on front of booth (if wanted) as long as there is no obstruction in walkways.

Judging and Awards

Age Categories (age is determined as of August 31)

A. Youth: 5-18 years old

B. Adult: 19 years and above

Youth and adult entries will be judged based on the following separation:

A. Individual Exhibit

B. Group Exhibit

Judging will be done on Monday, October 10, 2022.

Judging of work will be based on a point system of 1 to 25 for each of the following:


Use of color

Educational value

Overall attractiveness

Awards for categories will be given as follows:

1 grand champion

1 reserve champion

1 first place

1 second place

1 third place


Sunday, October 16, 2021 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. only. If special arrangements need to be made, please call Schelly, at 214-517-5451.

CATEGORIES: D1 Health, D2 Educational/Informational, D3 Services/Civic, D4 Agriculture

No items or services may be directly sold out of this building. Promotional and fundraising activities/information is allowed. The Calhoun County Fair Association is not responsible for lost items.

Anyone who wants to help decorate our entry please contact me.

Here is all the Fair events:

  • County Fair Parade Float Decoration - TBD Wednesday September the 28th to Friday the 30th. Register here.

  • County Fair Parade - Saturday October 1st from 10am to end. Participants need to arrive BEFORE 9am so arrive by 8am. Vehicle lineup begins at 7am! Individuals in the parade need to be at Travis by 9.30am and parade will start promptly at 10am. Mobilize link to join our float.

  • County Fair Educational Exhibit Decorating - Saturday October 8, 2022 at 12pm to 5pm and Sunday October 9, 2022 at 10am to 5pm. Join our decorating team.

  • County Fair - lasts from Tuesday October 11 to Saturday October 15.

  • The Queen Pageant is on Tuesday

  • The carnival opens every day at 5pm except for Saturday the 15th in which it opens at noon.

  • Carnival wristbands: Tuesday: $20, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: $25, Saturday: $30

  • Friday night: Radio Frequency @ 8pm, Sunny Sauceda @ 10pm

  • Saturday night: Broken Alibi @ 8pm, Wade Hayes @10pm

Adult and Youth Building:

Agriculture Division: N1 Fresh Vegetables, N2 Fresh Fruits, N3 Farm Crops, N4 House Plants, N5 Miscellaneous

Art Division: O1 Oil, O2 Pen and Ink, O3 Watercolor, O4 Pencil, O5 Miscellaneous

Baked Goods Division: 0o (entry must be accompanied by recipe and recipe becomes the property of the Fair association)

G1 Pies (Custards/Fruit/Nut/Cheesecakes/Etc.), G2 Cakes, G3 Cookies and Cookie Bars (Brownies/Etc.) – Display 6, G4 Candy – Display 6, G5 Breads (Cinnamon Rolls/Kolaches/Etc.), G5.1 Yeast, G5.2 Quick Breads, G6 Decorated, G6.1 Full Size Cake, G6.2 Miscellaneous/Small, G7 Miscellaneous

Canned Goods Division: H1 Vegetables (Pickled or Canned), H2 Fruits (Pickled or Canned), H3 Relishes, H4 Jellies, Jams, and Preserves, H5 Sauce, H6 Specialty (Butters/Syrup/Meats/Juices/Etc.)

Clothing and Textile Division: I1 Clothing, I1.1 Infant/Toddler Clothing, I1.2 Children’s Clothing, I1.3 Adult Clothing, I1.4 Specialty and Costumes (Formal/Prom/Evening/Etc.), I2 Crochet, I3 Embroidery, I4 Knitting, I5 Quilting, I6 Weaving, I7 Miscellaneous

M1 Photo Memory Crafts (Album Cover/Collage/Picture Frame/Scrapbook/Shadowbox/Etc.)

M2 Home Décor and Floral Crafts (Wreath/Basket/Centerpiece/Etc.)

M4 Glass Crafts (Etched/Stained/Sun Catcher/Decorated/Etc.)

M5 Kids Corner Crafts (Lego’s/Plastic Models/Connects/Etc.)

M6 Hair and Jewelry Crafts (Hair Accessories/Baskets/Boxes Decorated/Etc.)

M7 Holiday Corner - Any Holiday

M8 Recycling/Duct Tape Crafts (Home Décor/Wearable/Toys/Bags/Hats/Wallets/Wind Chimes/Etc.)

M9 Wood Crafts (Wood Burning/Decorative/Functional/Non-Functional/Kits/Birdhouse/Etc.)

M10 Ceramics (Dry Brush/Glazed/Hand Sculpted/Hand Thrown/Over Glazed/Stained/Painted/Under Glazed/Etc.)

M11 Handmade Woodwork (Bookshelf/Cabinet/Chair/Coasters/Doll House/Rocking Horse/Table/Etc.)

M12 Miscellaneous/General Crafts (Lamp/Leather Crafts/Metalwork/Mirrors/Wall Hangings/Dolls/Refrigerator Magnet/Paper Mache/Rock/Shell/Etc.)

Educational Exhibit: D1 Health, D2 Educational/Informational, D3 Services/Civic, D4 Agriculture

Photography Division: C1 Animals, C2 Scenery/Still Life, C3 People, C4 Digitally Enhanced/Special Effects (No social media filters)


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