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Christmas info & recipes

More information on Christmas and its many traditions:

Related figures to Santa

  • Amu Nowruz

  • Ayaz Ata — Grandfather Frost in Turkic folklore

  • Badalisc

  • Befana — a friendly witch who delivers gifts to children on 5 January.

  • Belsnickel — a German gift-giver and punisher of naughty children, a.k.a. Kriskinkle

  • Companions of Saint Nicholas

  • Ded Moroz — (Russian: Дед Мороз, literally Old Man Frost, but traditionally translated as Father Frost) plays a role similar to Santa Claus during the New Year celebrations

  • Joulupukki — original Santa-Claus from Finland

  • Krampus — in German-speaking Alpine folklore, a horned figure who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved

  • Mikulás — Hungary, Poland, Romania Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, a figure who brings treats before Christmas

  • Moș Gerilă — name of a character from Romanian communist propaganda

  • Olentzero — Basque character, possibly derived from Roman traditions

  • Saint Nicholas of Myra

  • Saint Basil —who is believed to bring Christmas gifts for children in Greek Orthodox tradition

  • Sinterklaas — Dutch mythical figure

  • The Three Kings — in Spain tradition, gifts for children are brought by the biblical three wise men on 6 January.

  • Tomte — Scandinavian mythical character

  • Yule Goat — Scandinavian Christmas symbol

  • Yule Lads — a group of Icelandic figures who may leave gifts or rotting potatoes in the days before Christmas




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Dec 24, 2023

That is a great list of Christmas resources. Thank you for posting it!! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy holiday to you and our fellow Democrats.

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