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County Fair Update!

This is where we stand now:

1) Parade float:

Friday afternoon (today) I will be going somewhere (TBD) to pick up the 4x4 State & 4x4 Judicial signs. Those will go on the top with 4x4 Louis Rubio signs. The pattern should be State, Rubio, Judges and we will have them on both sides.

Saturday morning after we arrive to the stadium, we will add some delicate paper decorations. Pompoms and so forth that I found on amazon.

2) Fair advertisement.

We paid $600 for this ad to printed in a Fair special election section of the newspaper.

This is what it originally looked like.

I am working on another ad to be placed in The Dolphin, Port Lavaca Wave, and the Victoria Advocate. It should look something like this:

However, depending on cost and such there may some changes. I have quotes based on what we did for the Football booster. So it should be the same cost but we will see. I will be contacting them about it soon before our Tuesday meeting so I can give updates on our situation.

3) Fair Exhibit

I found photos from when we won in 2019 and I have an idea of doing something similar.

I don't know if we register by just showing or not so I emailed them to ask about that. We still have until October 9th so we are good.


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