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J6 Hearing This Afternoon!

The fourth hearing is on at high noon.

It will feature the Georgia Call and the fake electors. Bring your snacks, this will be good.

Witnesses testifying live:

  • Rep. Rusty Bowers - Arizona House Speaker (R)

  • Brad Raffensperger - Georgia Secretary of State (R)

  • Gabriel Sterling - Georgia Secretary of State COO (R)

  • Wandrea Arshaye "Shaye" Moss - one of the defamed former election workers

Thursday Prime Time June 9th J6 Hearing had OVER 20m watching it.

Monday's morning June 13th J6 Hearing had OVER 10m watching it during the morning!

Thursday's afternoon June 16 J6 Hearing seems to have had about the same amount as on the 13th.

The cable news breakdown:

"During the hearings, MSNBC averaged 1.65 million total viewers while Fox News brought in around 700,000 average viewers during that time.

Thursday’s numbers mark a significant dip from Monday’s viewership for the hearings. Fox News averaged 1.14 million total viewers for the Monday hearing between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., while MSNBC brought in 2.02 million total viewers. CNN during those hours averaged some 950,000 total viewers.

Fox’s viewership dropped noticeably during the hears as the Outnumbered, which preceded the hearings’ 1 p.m. start time, brought in 1.82 million total viewers. Fox’s audience almost halved as the hearings entered their first hour dropping to 827,000 average viewers.

CNN averaged 551,000 total viewers in the hours surrounding the hearings, keeping pace with CNN’s regular numbers."


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