Jan 6 Hearing Airs This Morning!

Today is the day that the first part of the meat of the hearings begin.

Chairman Bennie Thompson said last Thursday evening that this hearing will be about The Big Lie. So when do they start it? 2016? Or July 2020?

Tune in at 10am Eastern / 9am Central!!!! Or record it on your DVRs!

You can also watch it on any of the many streams:



Lincoln Project and MeidasTouch both have livestreams check their youtube channels for the livestream.

P.S. The J6 Hearings had Nielsen Ratings of over 20m households. This does not include PBS, CSPAN, watch parties (in person and virtual) or any online streams or international viewers. So we had a massive turnout.

Hopefully it will be just as big or bigger on this morning and throughout the week as the next hearings happen.


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