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Mike Collier for Lt. Gov

Below came from the Campaign Manager for Collier:

County Chairs & Members of the SDEC,

I want to begin by thanking y'all for all that you do for our state and for our party. Meeting y'all across the state and in your communities has been by far the best part of this campaign, and thanks to you, victory is in our sights. Just in the past few weeks, we've made history by pulling together a coalition across the state and across the aisle, earning endorsements from Texas Republicans at every level of government.

With millions of Texans heading to the polls on Monday, we wanted to share some key resources for the home stretch.

Key Messages

Mike Collier is a business leader and a budget and energy expert running to defeat Dan Patrick. As your Lt. Governor, Mike will work to lower property taxes to help Texas families keep up with rising costs, improve your public schools, protect women's rights, and fix the damn grid. Because in Dan Patrick's Texas, our taxes are too high and freedoms are too few.

Mike Collier will stand up to both parties and:

Fix the damn grid

Mike is an energy expert who will fix our vulnerable power grid by increasing energy production and transmission. He supports an all-of-the-above approach to energy to create thousands of jobs so that Texas remains the energy capital of the world.

Invest in your local schools

Mike will fight for Texas to have the best public schools in the nation by investing in smaller class sizes, more special education support, and great teachers.

Close corporate property tax loopholes

Mike will close tax loopholes for out-of-state corporations that cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year and use the money to lower property taxes and improve your local schools.

Protect reproductive rights

Mike will fight to ensure that women and their doctors—not politicians—make decisions about their own healthcare. As Lt. Governor, he will repeal Texas' extreme laws that ban abortions—even in cases of rape or incest—and restore the protections afforded under Roe v. Wade.

Mike's stances on the issues can also be found at

For more information, please visit

TikTok @CollierForTexas

TV Ads

Stand up to the Extremes (YouTube, Twitter)

8 Years of Failures (YouTube, Twitter)

Fix the Damn Grid (YouTube, Twitter)

Not a Good Republican (YouTube, Twitter)

GOTV graphics

Our team has assembled a series of graphics for use with GOTV information as well as information about Mike. Those graphics can be found here.

Endorsements (to-date)

Houston Chronicle (Link)

Collier isn’t your typical Democrat running for statewide office — and not just because he’s promising to lower your taxes. And not just because he’s an oil and gas industry insider who lives in of our favorite reasons for endorsing the Democrat perhaps more enthusiastically than any other candidate on the ballot.

San Antonio-Express News (Link)

In any year, against any opponent, Collier would be a superb candidate for lieutenant governor. But especially this year, against this opponent, in talent, temperament and tone, he is the superior choice.

Letter sent by Republican Tarrant County Judge Whitley to Republican officials across the state Open letter written by Six Prominent Republicans on why folks should vote for Mike Collier Volunteer We continue to call key voters that we know are undecided and we can pull together a special list just for your county. Sign up here or feel free to share with your respective groups. We also are working alongside teacher's groups across the state to directly call teachers to share what's at stake. Feel free to share Teachers calling Teachers by clicking here.

Additional information Photos of Mike Collier Print your own yard sign Print your own literature Social Media toolkit We could not be more grateful for all that you do. My best to you and yours,


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