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Our ads

These are ads that will be our local newspapers.

The Dolphin

Democrat ad - The Dolphin
Download PDF • 1.97MB

The Victoria Advocate for Sunday 10/23 and Sunday 11/6 and an email blast to their 20,000 subscribers.

Victoria Advocate ad
Download PDF • 921KB

The Port Lavaca Wave for Wednesday 10/26 and Wednesday 10/2

Download PDF • 593KB

The ads are based off this that I put together in Adobe Acrobat and they edited it to fit their printers. I'm quite happy with all of them.

I guess I need to learn how to use photoshop or a program similar to it. lol

Other counties focused on billboards and I focused on newspaper ads. Would've love to have the kind of money and tech to put together a tv ad but that is beyond us. So let's take pride in our newspaper ads. I am.


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