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Pictures from the Convention

I probably should have took more pictures like of the vendors in the expo hall or the extremely long walk from the hotel to the skywalk to the convention.

You could easily walk a mile.

But I was so exhausted from walking around and carrying my bag and swag I just forgot about it.

I have pictures of the Dallas skyline, pictures from the Texas Democratic Women's caucus, SD-18 caucus (I volunteered as photographer for the event), and the General Session. As well as some from Kim Olson's event from Friday night.

Thursday after arriving to the convention

Here are pics from the Women's Caucus on Friday.

This last pic from the Women's Caucus isn't mine but from TDW. You can see us if you zoom in, look for the fancy pink hats.

This was on exiting the Women's Caucus. Yes we had Handmaids at the convention.

Other pictures from Friday.

From the Texas Democratic County Chair Association Caucus

SD-18 Caucus (offical photographer of the caucus which is why there is so many)

We had awards for recognition of hard work, we had people running for convention positions such as nominations, platform, rules, resolutions.

We had candidates running for office within SD-18 to come up and introduce themselves and why they are running for office.

We also had the Committewoman and Committeeman races.

General Session - Friday

It was an hour and a half behind so we left early to go to Kim's party.

More skyline

Kim Olson's party

Before the General Session on Saturday

General Session - Saturday

This was an all day thing that started at 10am until it the end.

More skyline pics

And that was pictures from the convention.


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