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REMINDER: J6 Hearing This Morning!

Dear Democrats,

Today is the day that the second part of the meat of the hearings and the 3rd hearing.

Wednesday's hearing was postponed which is why you didn't get a reminder email and because it was all over the news about it being postponed to next week.

Today the hearing is supposed to go over Trump's campaign against Pence to a) interfere with the certification and b) punish him for not doing what Trump wanted.

Tune in at 9am Central!!!! Or record it on your DVRs!

You can also watch it on any of the many streams:

Lincoln Project and MeidasTouch both have livestreams check their youtube channels for the livestream.

Seriously, there is no excuse to miss this.

You have livestreams, recordings, and primetime re-airings at watch parties. MSNBC is also having their full start cast do summaries of what happened in the hearing and talk about what it all means during the 7pm to 9pm central primetime tv slot.

P.S. Thursday June 9 primetime ratings was over 20m households. That doesn't include PBS, NPR, CSPAN, watch parties (in person and virtual) or any online streams or international viewers.

Monday was about half that at 10m but for a daytime hearing that's pretty explosive. Plus you can watch it various youtube channels later when you want and many watch parties were live or did re-airings during primetime hours.

Still, MSNBC dominated Monday.

"MSNBC drew a total audience of 3 million viewers for Monday’s second day of hearings into the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, easily outdistancing the combined audience of CNN (1.8 million viewers) and Fox News Channel, which trailed with 1 million viewers—a very rare third-place finish for Fox.

For the hours of 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. ET, MSNBC had its highest-rated dayside since February 2021 during coverage of President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial. On Monday, MSNBC delivered a total dayside audience of 2 million viewers, beating Fox News and CNN for the first time since March 2021 during the third day of the Derek Chauvin trial."


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