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Some articles to read

Articles to read that I found while digging up the Trump Trial stuff.



TxDot seeks comments for rural transportation projects


School board approves 2024-25 calendar


Padron, Todd named Man and Woman of the Year


Commissioners clear more than 50-year-old title issue


San Antonio Bay Partnership receives recognition from Texan by Nature


Calhoun County ISD hears Texas Academic Performance report


TPWD to host public meeting on new Powderhorn State Park



Newly unsealed grand jury testimony from Trump’s valet helps explain FBI’s desire to search Mar-a-Lago


Israel launches operation into Rafah, says cease-fire agreement not reached with Hamas


News Wrap: Russia says it will hold drills to simulate nuclear weapon use


Russia Planning Europe-Wide Sabotage Campaign - FT


Russia plotting sabotage across Europe, intelligence agencies warn



Autocrats in China, Russia, and elsewhere are now making common cause with MAGA Republicans to discredit liberalism and freedom around the world.


California reports the first increase in groundwater supplies in 4 years


‘You don’t feel like a human,’ Brittney Griner describes her life in Russian confinement


Trump Named as Unindicted Conspirator in Michigan Election Interference Case


Hormone replacement safe and effective menopause treatment, study finds


New research shows people carrying 2 copies of a certain gene are more likely to have Alzheimer’s


The UN says there’s ‘full-blown famine’ in northern Gaza


Fake ashes and 190 rotting bodies prompt Colorado lawmakers to pass funeral home regulations


Survivors of Holocaust and Oct. 7 attack join memorial march at Auschwitz death camp


WATCH: Biden and first lady host White House Cinco de Mayo reception


Biden reiterates concern about Rafah offensive on call to Netanyahu


With ‘Gestapo’ comment, Trump adds to numerous past Nazi Germany references


Russia threatens Britain with retaliation if involvement in Ukraine war deepens


What a rapidly changing civil war means for the future of Myanmar


Patrick Kennedy’s new book tells personal stories of mental health in America


Panama holds general election dominated by former president who was barred from running


As Native communities spotlight disappearances and killings, U.S. authorities try to fix systemic issues with outreach program


A disturbing new tactic is making Trump’s 2024 campaign much different than before


Why abortion bans in Florida and Arizona disproportionately affect the Latina population


These Republicans have united to defend the legitimacy of U.S. elections and election officials


As the U.S. moves to reclassify marijuana as less dangerous, could more states legalize it?

What Biden’s expansion of health privacy rules means for people seeking abortions


Breast cancer is on the rise in women in their 40s. An earlier mammogram may help catch it sooner


Can yogurt reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes?


FAA investigating whether Boeing completed required inspections on 787 Dreamliner jets


Self-funded candidates roil congressional races: From the Politics Desk


Marjorie Taylor Greene backs off immediate vote to oust Speaker Johnson as she seeks deal


Georgia's former lieutenant governor backs Biden in high-profile defection from GOP


Rich people are spending more than ever to run for Congress. A big test is coming in Maryland.


DOJ seeks 11 years for conservative scion Brent Bozell IV, saying he 'led the charge' on Jan. 6


House Republicans plan to move forward with contempt action against Attorney General Merrick Garland


Some cases of Alzheimer's caused by two copies of a single gene


Panama's new president-elect was practically retired: 'I never imagined this'


What happens if a US presidential candidate dies?


Former government employee charged with falsely accusing co-workers of joining Capitol riot


A new form of mpox that may spread more easily found in Congo’s biggest outbreak


Why U.S. election campaigns feel so long


Trump reveals how he would govern if reelected to another term in the White House


Mammograms should start at 40, task force recommends


Agriculture school creates climate-aware approach to help small farmers feed Africa


Prosecutors seek September retrial for Harvey Weinstein after rape conviction was overturned


What is cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome? Here’s what to know, and why experts say it’s on the rise



What reclassifying marijuana means for Americans


State health care plans must cover transgender-related care, federal court rules


The cicadas are coming. Here’s what to know if you’re in their path


Republican states challenge new Title IX rules protecting LGBTQ+ students


Binance founder Changpeng Zhao sentenced to 4 months in prison for allowing money laundering


Supreme Court refuses to block a Texas law requiring pornographic websites to verify users’ ages


Chinese scientist who first published COVID sequence stages protest after being locked out of lab


Shootout that left 4 law officers dead began with attempt to serve warrant, police say


Indian government accused of trying to kill Sikh activists in U.S.


‘New Cold Wars’ examines America’s struggles with China and Russia


Mexican consumer law helps man snag $28,000 earrings for $28 after Cartier pricing mishap


FDA brings lab tests under federal oversight in bid to improve accuracy and safety


NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg says slow arms deliveries to Ukraine have benefited Russia on the battlefield


Minister Humza Yousaf resigns after amid weakened government


Japan’s ruling party set to lose 3 seats in special vote, seen as rebuke for corruption scandal


News Wrap: Hamas releases video of two hostages, including Israeli-American

Cleanses? Supplements? How to tell fact from fiction with gut health advice


Hard-hit cocoa harvests in West Africa cause chocolate prices to soar worldwide


The sun is super active right now. Here’s how it can affect electronics on Earth


A look at NASA’s new images of Io, Jupiter’s ‘tortured moon’


A history of the marginalization of India’s Muslim population


Iraq passes harsh anti-LGBTQ+ law imposing up to 15 years in prison, drawing backlash


WATCH: Biden attends 2024 White House Correspondents’ Dinner hosted by Colin Jost


What to know about the FTC’s crackdown on noncompete agreements by employers

‘H Is for Hope’ explores history of climate change and why there’s hope for the future


North Koreans forced to process seafood that ends up in U.S., investigation reveals


Biden administration indefinitely delays potential ban on menthol cigarettes


Haiti’s new transitional council faces urgent demands for solutions amid gang violence


Rooting for Trump to fail has made his stock shorters millions


Federal agency investigates effectiveness of recall of Tesla’s Autopilot system


These countries have already banned TikTok


Tennessee legislators approve criminalization of adults who help minors obtain gender-affirming care


New EPA emissions rules could hasten retirement of coal-fired power plants


Net neutrality reinstated as FCC passes measure to regulate internet providers


A look at what’s in the $95 billion foreign aid package and what the money does


About 1 in 4 U.S. adults over 50 say they expect to never retire, an AARP study finds


How U.S. banning TikTok could affect you


Here’s what happened when India banned TikTok


Salman Rushdie reflects on attack that changed his life in new memoir ‘Knife’


Global talks to tackle plastic pollution hit critical stage


What’s EMTALA, the federal law at the center of the Supreme Court’s Idaho abortion case?


Chinese Olympic doping case swept ‘under the carpet’ by WADA, U.S. anti-doping chief says


Why elections in India, the world’s largest democracy, are crucial to watch


WATCH: Biden marks Earth Day with new grants for solar power


Why the unionization of Tennessee Volkswagen workers is a big breakthrough for UAW


Who is Clara Bow from Taylor Swift’s new album?


These coral reefs suffered major damage. Watch how restoration efforts helped bring them back


Record-breaking ocean heat triggers massive coral reef bleaching


U.S. reimposes oil sanctions on Venezuela as hopes for a fair presidential election fades


Maui Fire Department report on deadly wildfire details how it was no match for unprecedented blazes


Sudan marks 1 year of brutal civil war as humanitarian crisis worsens


Study links petrochemical plants in Louisiana to premature and low-weight births


Biden administration announces strategy to combat future pandemics with 50 country partnership


Here’s how the tax policies proposed by Biden and Trump differ


A Brief But Spectacular take on what it means to be human

Experts group says abortion in Germany should be decriminalized during pregnancy’s first 12 weeks


Coral reefs across the globe once again endure mass bleaching amid warming oceans, scientists say


To lower its rat population, NYC considers birth control as a humane option


Child care costs are about to start dropping for families that need the most help


A Brief But Spectacular take on the miracle of flight












































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