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TDP updates us on Convention Business

The following is a full quote from an email I received.

On behalf of the newly elected Party Officer board of the Texas Democratic Party, we want to thank all the state delegates and convention guests who came to Dallas for the 2022 Texas Democratic Convention, as well as all the members of our party who participated in the convention process.


On Saturday, August 6, at 9 AM CT, the newly seated State Democratic Executive Committee will meet virtually for a special called meeting with the goal of finding, discussing, and approving the Permanent Platform Committee's recommended Platform ( that could not be approved after quorum was lost at the Convention. We will invite the members of the Permanent Platform Committee to speak as guests. The State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) is charged with the business of our party in between conventions. There are also two resolutions that attempted to be passed via petition signature at convention that will be discussed at the special called meeting. All state delegates, convention guests, and members of the public are invited to view the livestream of the meeting. The link to the livestream is -- but note that the link will not bring you to the livestream platform until the day of the meeting, Saturday, August 6.


The Convention Party Business Info Sheet is where information on Convention Notes, Caucuses, Committees, Winners, Tally Sheets, and the General Session are located, as well as other information such as the Public Delegate List and Roll Call by Senate District. Make sure to check that out at

The convention website is also a great resource with YouTube links to recordings of the Friday & Saturday General Sessions, and more:

A good recap of what all happened at Convention can be found at

Thanks and we hope you can check out the August 6 SDEC Meeting Livestream in two weeks!


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