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Trumplicans are attacking Pride Parades & LGBTQIA Events

Trumplicans are now going from homophobic and transphobic hate speech to violent incidents.

"This far right mobilization against queer people at Pride events is a direct response to transphobic and queerphobic fearmongering pushed by far right pundits and outlets such as The Daily Wire and LibsOfTikTok — all of which is inspired by Ron DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill." Tweet

"The group had traveled from all over the country to sow chaos during the LGBT+ event, White said. They came from states like Texas, Utah, South Dakota, Arkansas, Oregon, and Virginia. Law enforcement was quick to derail the group's plans, he said, thanks to “one concerned citizen.”"

"Patriot Front is a white supremacist, neo-fascist group that likes to travel inconspicuously: in U-Haul trucks. Police reportedly stopped the group's U-Haul on Saturday a short distance from the “Pride in the Park” event, which had already been the target of a counterprotest by a conservative motorcycle club called the Panhandle Patriots. That group had announced that they would go “head-to-head” with attendees of the Pride event and host their own event called “Gun d’Alene.”"


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