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Trump Trial Week 4

A Masterlist to track to the trial.

Trump Trial Week 4 (in progress)

Day 12 - Monday May 6, 2024 (Eighth witness Jeffrey McConney, ninth witness Deborah Tarasoff)

Judge Juan Merchan threatens Donald Trump with jail time if he keeps violating gag order

Trump trial recap: Trump threatened with jail, ex-employees take stand in hush money case

Trump fined $1,000 for gag order violation in hush money case as ex-employee recounts reimbursements

Highlights from day 12 of the Trump hush money trial as trial enters third week of testimony

From Hope Hicks to Karen McDougal, here's a guide to the Trump trial witness list

Takeaways from Day 12 of the Donald Trump hush money trial

Witness testimony in Trump's hush money trial wraps for the day

Judge’s warning provides dilemma for Trump over whether he will risk jail for a political point

Former senior adviser to Trump on why she thinks Trump wants judge to jail him

Could Donald Trump really go to jail for gag order violations?

What you missed on Day 12 of Trump's trial: Another gag order ruling and details on how Michael Cohen was paid

Former exec describes his role in hush money payments as Trump's criminal trial begins fourth week

The courtroom for Trump's trial becomes a test of power for an ex-president and a judge

Trump trial highlights: Longtime Trump Org. employees testify against their boss in hush money trial

Trump trial continues after judge threatens jail over gag-order breaches

Paper trail and judge’s warning: Trump trial key takeaways, day 12

Former Trump accountant tells hush-money trial ex-president ‘personally signed’ checks to Cohen – as it happened

Looking Trump in the eye, the N.Y. judge warns he may jail him

Judge again finds Trump in contempt in hush money trial; Trump Org employees testify

Live Updates: Trump slapped with fine as hush money trial’s third week opens

What to know as Trump’s hush money trial enters a third week

Trump fined $1,000 for gag order violation in hush money case as former employee testifies

Read the full court ruling warning Trump of jail time if he continues violating gag order

Former Trump employees detail hush money payments at heart of his trial

Trump fined $1,000 for violating gag order and is warned about jail time

Trump Is Threatened With Jail at His Criminal Trial: 5 Takeaways

Former Employee Says Trump Used Personal Account to Repay Hush Money (updates)

What to Know About the Trial Donald Trump Faces in Manhattan

Transcript of Trump Manhattan Trial, May 6, 2024

Day 13 - Tuesday May 7, 2024 (tenth witness Sally Franklin, eleventh witness Stormy Daniels)

'Oh my god': Stormy Daniels testifies on spanking Trump, his gold tweezers, and silky PJs

Trump trial recap: Trump demands mistrial after damaging Stormy Daniels testimony

Trump hush money trial day 13 highlights: Catch-up on trial developments

Stormy Daniels testifies in Trump's hush money trial

Critical days of Trump trial will test whether he can exercise discipline and restraint

Wait. Why are 3 of Trump’s 4 criminal trials delayed indefinitely?

Will Trump take the stand in his criminal trial?

Stormy Daniels' credibility becomes a linchpin in the prosecution's hush money case

What you missed on Day 13 of Trump’s hush money trial: Stormy Daniels takes the stand

Trump trial highlights: Actor Stormy Daniels testifies about sex with Trump, hush money payments

Satin pajamas and mistrial denied: Trump trial key takeaways, day 13

‘Do you worry about STDs?’: Stormy Daniels’s testimony on Trump affair off to lurid start

Stormy Daniels tells court she ‘hates’ Trump and wants him ‘held accountable’ – as it happened

Rikers Island jail ‘ready’ to receive Donald Trump, says Eric Adams

Trump’s attacks on justice system are causing real damage, experts say

Trump hush-money trial: Stormy Daniels describes being ‘startled’ by sexual encounter

Trump has yet to decide his VP pick – and it’s turning into a pageant of its own

What Stormy Daniels said during her first day of testimony in Trump’s hush money trial

Judge keeps tying Trump to possible intimidation

How Trump could wiggle out of his legal woes

The legal — and political — stakes of Stormy Daniels on the stand

6 takeaways from Stormy Daniels’ testimony on what happened between her and Trump

Live Updates: Adult film star testifies in Trump hush money trial

Stormy Daniels Delivers Intense Testimony in Trump’s Trial: 6 Takeaways

Stormy Daniels Describes Sexual Encounter With Trump and Is Grilled by His Lawyer

Stormy Daniels, Who Testified About Sex With Trump, Will Return to Stand

A Timeline of the History Between Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump

The Words That Defined This Week in Donald J. Trump’s Trial

Stormy Daniels Tells Her Story of Sex With Trump

Stormy Daniels, Unfiltered, Takes the Stand

Adams Says Rikers, Staffed by ‘Professionals,’ Is Ready for Trump

Stormy Daniels and Trump Have Met in Court Before, to Her Detriment

Stormy Daniels Testifies About Her Encounter With Trump in Tahoe

‘Every Dollar Counts’: Prosecutors Use Quotes From Trump’s Books Against Him

Stormy Daniels, Porn Star Who Says She Had Sex With Trump, Testifies at Trial

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Updated May 8, 2024

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