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Update on GOTV

So this is what things look like as of now.

1) Sisters United digital advertising has been paid. They will start on October 1st.

2) Our texting campaigns have started for Partisan ID and Vote By Mail Application Chase. We are working on a campaign for recent voter registrants, persuasion targets, Vote By Mail Ballot Chase, and another to try to recruit volunteers from hard-core Democrats. Be nice to those who text you, we just need info to update VAN.


a) We picked up our purchase of 30 4x6 Beto signs. This is mainly for the polling locations (12) and some areas that need to be double-sided. We also have them for people who want to put them on their property. We now have 25 left.

b) We have received our purchase of 25 Mother Against Greg Abbott signs. We now have 17 left.

c) We have Leticia Hinojosa signs. We only picked up 4 and have already distributed them. 1 is saved for the Courthouse for early voting.

d) We have 2 4x8 Maclovio signs left. We are saving a 4x4 for the parade float. Mac is ordering new signs, don't know when they will arrive.

e) We are awaiting an order for the 4x4 State and Judicial signs. I am having Leticia Hinojosa added to the judicial signs and there was an issues with her first picture (watermark) and then she's been MIA on her email so I tracked down a picture from the 13th Court of Appeals website. Awaiting word on the mockup. Really hope to get at least 1 each of those signs for the parade float.

f) We still have some Beto yard signs. Not sure of the amount since I lost count after we started just handing them out. I think it's about 60.

g) We have about 15 of the 3 person signs left.

h) We have put in an order for 100 Josh Tutt signs. They are pretty and I plan on putting them all over since they are just yard signs.

Kolkhurst has started to put up signs in our county. There are also some places that have Abbott yard signs but our county is still mainly empty of Republican signs. Which is interesting.

Half league and Main street.

Looks good, right? Want any of these in your yard too?

See how pretty the sign is? Hopefully we get these within the week.

Reminder this is the 4x4 mockup sign we are in the process of purchasing and placing around the county.

This is the judicial sign. I don't have the mockup that includes Leticia Hinojosa yet, I do know that one of those text thingies will be replaced by her picture.

4) Volunteer! Email us ( your contact info or call/text (361) 238-0335.

a) Help us with the parade float

b) Help us with the fair exhibit

c) Help us put up signs. There are only 3 people helping to put up the big signs and that includes me. It is mainly Joe Mireles putting up the signs. So besides thanking him you can help out.

5) Events!

Parade Decoration - last days of September

Parade - Saturday October 1st, 10am

Exhibit Decorating - Saturday October 8th

b) October Monthly meeting Tuesday October 4th

c) Early voting starts October 24th!

d) enjoy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos

e) November Monthly meeting Tuesday November 1st

f) Election Day Tuesday November 8th

g) After election report meeting Tuesday November 15th

PS New sign for our meetings:

Isn't it pretty? We will place it outside the library meeting room so people know we are there.


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